2020-10-21 08:46:16

How to order a service?

Firstly, you need to register, and then create an application in your private area.

Do I need to pay for the application immediately after creating it?


Can I buy it with source files or use my own host?


What will happen after creating an application?

After sending the request, a test server is gonna be created, integration with your service is performed and a ready launcher is given for testing. The testing period is 7 days (this period may increase if critical errors are detected, and / or the launcher will be supplemented / modified).

What is the "set" of services consist of?

  • Version 1.5.*
    • SVitLAB Game Launcher - desktop application (features).
    • SVitLAB Launcher Server - the launcher login server (management takes place in the private area).
  • Version 2.*
    • SVitLAB GameCenter - desktop application.
    • SVitLAB GameCenter Server - launcher server (management takes place in the private area).
  • Additional
    • SVitLAB Player Kicker - an application that is installed on the server with the game to enable protection (only 1.5.* version, optional, your implementation is possible, critical for complete protection)

What is the minimum purchase term for a service?

One month.

What is included in the price?

  • Support (only bug fixing).
  • Launcher login server rent.

How do you upload files?

Currently, game files are downloaded from your server using the HTTP and/or Torrent protocol. Supports a lot rules for files.

Is it possible to change the design/functionality of the launcher?

Yes, for an additional fee, which is calculated depending on the amount of work. It is necessary to underline that you provide design and location of the elements.